Friday, July 20, 2012

The 2012 Icelandic Lambs

Welcome to the Icelandic lamb flock!  This was the year of the ram for me!  Not all a bad thing, indeed, for the majority are from AI sires from Iceland, and those that are not are second-generation AI.  What a selection for anyone seeking to improve flock genetics  - and in a wealth of colors and patterns.

Here they are in order of birth.  You can see more pictures and details on my website,

BEL 403Z  (ELDJÁ) is a leader ram twin with classic black with white leader markings. He has perfect leader build and showing definite signs of leader behavior.  Born 4/13/12;  Leader sire is Geri (AI); dam is BLW 267U (Katla).


BEL 404Z   (KÓNG) is a black ram lamb with sturdy horns and beautiful fleece! Twin to Hafrár (below). Born 4/14/12; sire is Blettur (AI); dam is DL 655W (Torfa).


BEL 405Z  (HAFRÁR) is a homozygous gray ram lamb, twin to Kong. His fleece is a long and lustruous light oatmeal with gray thel, with a light moorit face and legs.  But is that just phaeomelanin?  The jury is still out whether he is moorit or black, and whether there is any spotting. In any case, he is a real beauty!  Born 4/14/12; sire is Blettur (AI); dam is DL 655W (Torfa).


BEL 416Z  (BAKKA) is a black-gray badger single ram.  Great light oatmeal fleece, really baby-soft, and good horns (sire is horned, dam is polled).  May carry moorit and spotting.  A very sweet little boy who has grown well on pasture!  Born 4/23/12; sire is DL 890Y (Drangey, my Grabotni son); dam is DL 704W (Fjalla).


BEL 419Z  (MALMEY), a black-gray single horned ram.  Gorgious fleece!  Born 5/25/12; sire is Bjalki (AI); dam is DL 370T (Grimsey).


BEL 420Z  (SNÓTAR) is a white single ram.. Really striking little boy with great horns and amazing long shiny fleece.  Born 4/26/12; sire is Ylur (AI); dam is DL 638U (Jökull).

BEL 429Z  (KOTA), a spotted black twin ram lamb (brother of Kistu, below).  A few wisps of white, otherwise almost identical.  Born 5/8/12; sire is Rektor (AI); dam is DL 653W (Thoris). 


BEL 430Z  (KISTU) is a black twin ram lamb, brother of Kota, and almost identical.  Must carry moorit and spotting.  Born 5/8/12; weight 7 lb 6 oz.  AI sire is Rektor; dam is DL 653W (Thoris).


 HELGA  (BEL 431Z) is a sweet spotted black mouflon ewe twin, sister of Sulur (below).  Long soft fleece, and non-stop cute!  Born 4/19/12; sire is Aladin (AI); dam is BLW 941S (Krafla).

BEL 432Z  (SÚLUR) is a black spotted mouflon ram lamb twin, brother of Helga.  A fine little boy! Born 4/19/12; sire is Aladin (AI); dam is BLW 941S (Krafla).


BEL 433Z (BLAULA) is a white polled twin ewe, sister of Silfur (below).  A beautiful fast-growing girl with a long silky fleece.  She is absolutely amazing!  Born 5/26/12; sire is Vodvi (AI); dam is DL 370T (Grimsey).


BEL 434Z (SILFRA) is a stunning spotted gray polled ewe, sister of Baula.  A real cutie! Sturdy, but with a real feminine look to her, and an amazing fleece.   Born 5/26/12; sire is Vodvi (AI); dam is DL 370T (Grimsey).


 BEL 435Z  (GLYMUR) is a single white ram lamb.  A really chunky little guy – really study, with a tight curly fleece. Born 5/27/12; sire is BEL 309Y (Mikla, my Keivkur son) and dam is DL 704W (Fjalla). 

BEL 437Z  (SKOGA) is a white horned ewe twin, sister of Detti (below).  A really sweet dainty girl with a brilliant white fleece.    Born 6/14/12; sire is BEL 309Y (Mikla, my Keivkur son); dam is INGL 025U (Ultra).

BEL 436Z  (DETTI) is a black ram lamb twin, brother of Skoga (above).  Growing very nicely with a beautiful fleece!   Born 6/14/12; sire is BEL 309Y (Mikla, my Keivkur son); dam is INGL 025U (Ultra).


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