Friday, March 9, 2012


Yikes!  Where has the time gone?  Maple syrup time is here and lambing around the corner. 

I’m very excited this year about the prospects for both the Icelandic and Shetland lambs.  Breeding season was quite extended this year – which means that lambing will be too -- but I think it was well worth it.  Most of my Icelandic ewes are bred to AI sires, with several others bred to F1 AI farm rams.    So there will be lots of new genetics entering the flock.  I’ve posted my “who is bred to whom” list, which you can below.

I mixed up things with my Shetlands, with new breeding match-ups for many of the ewes, and some old pairings because I really liked what they produced.  This year, I also used two of my ram lambs for breeding, which should add some interesting possibilities!  You can check out the possibilities on my “who is bred to whom.” list.

Lamb Reservations

Think you might like one of our spectacular lambs?  If  you are planning to add to your flock or start a new flock, I am accepting “lamb reservations.”  Reservations of $100/lamb are taken in order of receipt, and this reserves you a place (or places) in line to choose from the “available lambs list” once they’ve had an evaluation.  If you wish to take advantage of this, please be sure to specify what you are interested in:  Horned Icelandic, Polled Icelandic, or Shetland.  If we do not have a lamb that meets your requirements, your deposit will be promptly refunded, if you choose, or it can be held for the following year  (in which case you would likely be closer to the top of the list).  Questions?  Please email or call!


Horned Icelandics

Ylur (AI sire) x Jökull
Ylur is homozygous white; Jökull may be as well.

F1 AI  lambs will be white. Will carry black and possibly moorit and spotting.

Bjalki (AI sire) x Vatna
Bjalki is genetically white, carrying black, solid, possibly spotting, but not moorit.  Vatna is a black-gray, carrying solid, moorit, but not spotting.

F1 AI lambs will be solid black, black-gray or white, and may carry moorit.

Rektor (AI sire) x Thoris
            Rektor is a spotted black, while Thoris is solid moorit.

F1  AI lambs will be solid black and must carry moorit and spotting.

Blettur (AI sire) x Torfa
Blettur is a spotted black gray carrying solid and perhaps moorit and Torfa is a solid moorit gray, carrying solid and perhaps spots!

F1 AI lambs will be black, moorit, black-gray or moorit-gray; all must carry spots.

Mikla (F1 AI) x Fjalla
Mikla is genetically white, and carries black, moorit and solid, but no spotting.  Fjalla is a black badger, carrying solid and perhaps moorit and spotting.

Lambs will  most likely be white, black badger, or solid black, and may carry spotting and moorit.

Mikla (F1 AI) x Ultra
Mikla is genetically white, and carries black, moorit and solid, but no spotting.  Ultra is solid black, carrying moorit and possibly spotting.

Lambs will be white, solid black, or solid moorit.

Drangey (F1 AI) x Tara
Drangey is black gray, carrying solid and possibly moorit and spotting.  Tara is moorit mouflon, carrying solid and spotting.

Lambs most likely will be black, black-gray, or black-mouflon; and must carry moorit and possibly spotting.

Leadersheep (Horned)

Geri ( AI sire) x Katla
            Geri is spotted moorit and Katla is spotted black.

F1 AI lambs will be black spotted, and must carry moorit.

Loftur (AI sire) x Fönn
Loftur is spotted black and Fönn is genetically white, carrying black, and possibly spotting.

F1 AI lambs will be white or black spotted.  Must carry black and spotting.

Polled Icelandics

Aladin (AI Sire) x Hekla
Aladin is spotted black, carrying moorit, and Hekla is a spotted black badger., possibly carrying moorit.

F1 AI lambs will be spotted; may be black, moorit, black-badger or moorit-badger. Black lambs may carry moorit.

Aladin (AI Sire) x Krafla
Aladin is spotted black, carrying moorit, and Krafla is a black-gray mouflon, carrying spotting and possibly moorit.

F1 AI lambs may be black or moorit,  and either gray or mouflon, and may be spotted.

Skrauti (AI sire) x Eyja
Skrauti is spotted moorit, and Eyja is a gray badger, carrying spotting and possibly moorit.

F1 AI lambs will be gray or gray-badger; may be either black or moorit.  Must carry spots.

Vodvi (AI sire) x Grimsey
Vodvi is genetically white, and carries moorit and spotting,  Grimsey is a black gray, carrying  solid, moorit and spotting

F1 AI lambs may be moorit or black; pattern may be white, gray or solid; also may be spotted.

Brandur x Hani
Brandur is a spotted black-gray badger, and Hani is moorit, carrying spotting.
Lambs will be black-gray or black badger, and may be spotted.  Must carry moorit.

And then there’s Laki, my AI leader girl.  She didn’t want anything to do with the boys…but now it looks like she had a secret tryst.  Well, there are only a couple possibilities, and if there really are lambs, the color and pattern will be a dead give-away!



I set up 4 breeding groups this year, listed below:

**Boron – my spotted moorit ram.:

x Lilac  A new pairing for this black smirslet this year – eager to see if I get the flashy lambs Boron tends to sire.

x Hirta  This cross with my gray caped flecket last year gave me a moorit caped flecket ram and a beautiful moorit yuglet ewe.  Hoping for more of the same!

x Fetlar  A light gray girl carrying moorit. I loved what Boron and Fetlar produced last year – friendly and gorgeous black and moorit ewe lambs!

x Foula  A new pairing for this gray katmoget.   Her lambs will carry moorit from the sire.  Would love eventually to get a moorit katmoget!.

x Myrtle A new pairing for this black gray yuglet who carries moorit

**Forvik  -- my  emsket krunet ram

x Soay  The first lambing for this ultra friendly moorit yublet girl – could get flashy black or moorit.
x Bernera  - A fleece best described as moorit banded.  I loved Bernera’s top-notch black and moorit lambs from this cross last year!  Hoping for a repeat!
x Kilda – A new pairing for Kilda, a moorit smirslet, as she’s had 2 sets of twins (3 are HST) sired by Boron.  Now she may produce some flashy black!

x Seraphim is a musket yuglet with a fleece like butter, which she passes down to all her offspring!   I really liked this pairing made several years ago.  Not as flashy, but oh-the fleece!

**Noup a black katmoget ram lamb who carries moorit

x Boreray  - a first-timer, and am anxioius to see what this ultra-friendly moorit krunet produces!

**Croga – a black blettet ram lamb.  These two pairings are line-breeding to retain a high percentage of  Forvik’s genetics.
x Gaada – a spotted gray ewe.  The fleece on her lambs should be outstanding.

x Mousa – a black blettet with a “kindly” fleece.  Two non-fading blacks as parents!  WOW!