Friday, July 1, 2011

Lambing Season, Part II: Icelandics

Icelandics were my first and my last sheep to lamb this year.  A spectacular bunch, I think.  Here they are, in order of birth:

BEL 301Y (HAEMEY), a polled spotted black badger ram (“evil clown"), born  4/25/11, a twin.  Sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR); dam is DL 391T (HANI).  He and sister (below) have an amazing soft white fleece.

BEL 302Y (HAENA), a polled spotted black badger ewe (“evil clown), born 4/25/11, twin to BEL 301 (above).  Sire is   DL 320S (BRANDUR); dam is DL 391T (HANI).  An amazing soft white fleece!

BEL 309Y (MIKLA) is a single horned white AI ram, born 4/29/11.  His sire is KVEIKUR (AI) and dam is DL 653W (THORIS).   Very respectful and curious. 

BEL 311Y (NÁMA) is a single polled black-gray mouflon ewe, also born 4/29/11.  Her sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR); dam is BLW 941S (KRAFLA).  A spectacular fast-growing girl! 

BEL 318Y (EIRIK) is a scurred white single ram, born 5/7/11.  Sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR) and dam is DL 638U (JÖKULL).  Sports a beautiful long, soft fleece.

BEL 319Y (ORÆFA ) is a spotted, polled black and white AI ewe with amazing markings.   She was born 5/13/11; sire is ERPUR (AI) and dam is BEL 101U (HEKLA).  She has amazing markings and is so cute and sweet!

BEL 320Y (TINDA) is a polled black badger ewe, born 5/19/11. Sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR) 
and dam is DL 704W (FJALLA).  Beautiful badger markings!  Sister to Núpar (below).

BEL 321Y (NÚPUR) is a horned black–gray badger ram, born  5/19/11.  Sire is DL 320S 
(BRANDUR); dam is DL 704W (FJALLA).  Beautiful badger markings.  Twin brother of Tinda (above).            

BEL 322Y (FOSSA) is a polled spotted black badger ewe sporting the “evil clown" face.  Born 5/24/11.  Sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR) and dam is DL 370T  (GRIMSEY).   Sister to Vatn (below).  An amazing soft white fleece!                   

BEL 323Y (VATN ) is a polled spotted black-gray ram.  Twin brother of Tinda (above).  Born on 5/24/11; sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR) and dam is DL 370T (GRIMSEY).  A beautiful gray fleece and flashy markings!                                            

BEL 324Y (ÆÐEY) is a single scurred black badger ram, born 5/31/11.  Sire is DL 320S (BRANDUR), dam is  INGL 025U  (ULTRA).   Love those badgers – wonderful oatmeal color, and to top it off,  Æðey has a very interesting face.

BEL 325Y (KLOFA) is a single polled solid moorit AI ram , born 6/12/11, the last of the year.  Sire is MÓKOLLUR (AI) and dam is DL 754W (VATNA).  WOW! a beautiful chocolate brown fleece!       


  1. Your pictures look great! I love all the grass. It is so difficult to get pictures when the grass is so tall and lush. Good job!! All your lambs look beautiful!

  2. Hooray Margaret! Your blog is great! And those lambs are all just perfect! Pictures are awesome!